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Recreate the effect of maturation on the lees in tanks

Working with the lees in vats will enhance the body and fullness of your wines while protecting their aromatic potential. 


Premium oenological oak:

Boisé® France is an avant-garde innovator that has developed a wide range of exclusive oak and products that are unique on the market to help you respond to the expectations of your consumers and the developments in your field.


Controlled must oxygenation

Cilyo preserves aromas and protects your white and rosé wines from oxidation. 
Your wines are protected until ready to drink and offer their full potential to your consumers.

Vin blanc-Cilyo

The density sensor

Streamline your winemaking process and save time and money with a smart sensor that measures density several times throughout the day.


Monitor the ripeness of your grapes

Dyostem® allows you to plan and organise harvesting by plot, so you can guarantee the quality of your grape profile and, as a result, the wine profile of the vintage.

Outil Dyostem ouvert avec les baies et le plateau

High-performance yeast production

Ecolys® facilitates the production of ferments with a high concentration of cells thanks to easy-to-use equipment.

KYP cellar notebook

Keep track of your estate on one single App!

From the vine to the bottle, there's no need for multiple logs, tasting notes, or Excel spreadsheets.
With KYP, you can keep track of everything in one single application.

Macro-oxygenation for yeasts

The amount of oxygen you add to your wine is important, but the speed at which you introduce it is just as crucial! 

cliquage pour levures
Native yeast selection

Produce leaven from yeasts grown on your own land

Vivelys can help you produce your own leaven from native yeasts selected from your vineyard; we're by your side right through to the pitching in the cellar and the conservation of the leaven from one year to the next.