Native yeast selection

Produce leaven from yeasts grown on your own land

Vivelys can help you produce your own leaven from native yeasts selected from your vineyard; we're by your side right through to the pitching in the cellar and the conservation of the leaven from one year to the next.

We have developed a fresh leaven production system that combines a dedicated process with automated fermenters for ease of use.


  • Protected fermentations using native yeasts
  • Reduced inputs
  • Access to vineyard biodiversity
  • Self-sufficiency of the winery in terms of expertise
  • Preservation of the identity of your soil and your wines

Vivelys offers 2 types of service:

prélèvement raisins-levures indigènes

Vintage selection
(Collaboration covering 1 harvest)

For those who believe that variability is a quality, but that it doesn't have to be suffered.

The package includes:

  • Sampling in the vineyard
  • Selecting several yeast pools using simple criteria
  • Training in the production of pre-leavens to pitch the year's wines
  • Transfer of procedures
levure sous microscope

Full selection
(Collaboration covering 2 harvests)

A combination of native yeasts and the mastery of your winemaking procedures. 

The package includes:

  • Vineyard sampling and cultivation
  • Pre-selection, separation, selection, and micro-fermentation
  • Genetic identification and fermentation quality of the yeasts obtained
  • Preservation of yeast strains
  • Comprehensive training



  • How are the yeasts selected?

    The harvested bunches are placed in sterile bags. The bags are then observed, and only those showing good signs of fermentation are kept. We then use a microscope to check that the yeasts are Saccharomyces. Then we inoculate a fermenter, just before a wine cellar to start AF.

If you'd like to incorporate the selection and multiplication of native yeasts into your winemaking processes, please get in touch with us.

Our other products

  • Dyostem

    Understand your vineyard:

    Dyostem® is an excellent tool for monitoring grape ripeness that facilitates your interpretation of the specific conditions of each vintage.

  • Vineyard analysis sensor

    A powerful tool for a comprehensive assessment of your vineyard:

    The yield sensor delivers new metrics, enabling customers to make the most informed decisions possible and ensure the quality and quantity of their wine output.

    capteur de rendement
  • Ecolys

    High-performance leaven production:

    Ecolys® enables the production of high cell-concentration leaven thanks to easy-to-use equipment and full access to our expertise.