Controlled must oxygenation

Cilyo preserves aromas and protects your white and rosé wines from oxidation. 
Your wines are protected until ready to drink and offer their full potential to your consumers.

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The Cilyo® system is based on Controlled Must Oxygenation (CM02), which involves determining the right dose of O2 to eliminate polyphenols and protect aromas. It relies on a natural enzyme process. Precise dosing ensures optimum results.

Then, deliver the perfect quantity with our Visio™ range: highly precise and secure delivery guaranteed.

  • Protect
    Wine from oxidisation
  • + 5000
  • Secure
    The aging potential of your wines
  • Reduce
    Sulphites and intensify body & fruitiness
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For more aromatic, persistent and rich wines

Cilyo® ripens the grapes, releases thiols, and enhances the exotic fruit and citrus notes in a Chardonnay, for example. The aromatic character is more mature and intense. The wines are rounder, bolder, and longer in the mouth.

Positive impact of Cilyo on aromatic intensity, freshness, vegetation, acidity and roundness.

Give sulphite reduction a shot!

Cilyo® makes it possible to reduce sulphites and other inputs -such as fining with white wines- which enhances the expression of the fruit and gives a full mouthfeel, thereby satisfying two consumer expectations.

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In practice:

Cilyo® is recommended for:

  • white wines from all grape varieties, regardless of their aromatic profile, including thiol-heavy ones
  • all rosés
  • free-run and press wines

Cilyo® calculates the exact amount of O2 to be added. Oxygenation equipment (Visio™ range) provides the required amount.

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Satisfied customers

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Cilyo is a real wine revolution! What could be more natural than fining a wine with oxygen!? The sensorial benefits are substantial: increased freshness, intensity and pure fruit, a fatter mouthfeel, and a longer shelf life for our whites. It's easy to use, analysis is quick, and processing is simple at the vat.

Alexandra Gillioz,
Oenologist - Les Fils Maye, Suisse

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Cilyo’s ability to bind unstable polyphenols while preserving the natural aromatics is amazing. I’m especially impressed by the process of testing each block or tank independently. I trialed the process after hearing about the potential and was truly shocked by the results.

Zak Miller, Winemaker 
Domaine Carneros - Napa, USA

Viti leaders

Vivelys has shown that controlled must oxygenation not only protects musts from over-oxidation, but it also has a positive impact on the sensory characteristics of white wines.

Documents to download

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What do you need to know?


  • How is the Cilyo® measurement calculated?

    The amount is calculated according to the rate of oxygen consumption, which defines the breaking point between the enzymatic and chemical reactions.

  • How do I use Cilyo®?

    It's easy to use, with just three steps:

    1. A sample is extracted from the settling tank
    2. The right dose is measured and displayed
    3. Cilyo® delivers the right amount via the Visio™ micro-oxygenator.
  • What size is it?

    The new Cilyo V3 measures (mm) of 460 w x 230 d x 460 h, making it highly portable and easy to use.

Want to integrate must oxygenation into your winemaking processes? Please get in touch.

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