Monitor the ripeness of your grapes

Dyostem® allows you to plan and organise harvesting by plot, so you can guarantee the quality of your grape profile and, as a result, the wine profile of the vintage.

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Understand your vineyard better and make the best choices:

  • Track the development of your grapes in real time
  • Identify the optimal harvest date according to the grape profile desired
  • Plan your harvest with complete peace of mind (organisation, logistics, resource management)
  • Pinpoint the characteristics of your vines (water scarcity, ageing) and optimise your wine fields
  • Over 25 years
    of expertise
  • 16 000
    wine fields monitored across the globe
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Determine the quality of the grapes up to 2 weeks before the harvest

Key indicators are used to accurately identify the potential of the harvest ahead of time. Anticipate changes in the profile of your grapes and set targets accordingly.

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Plan your harvest logistics with complete peace of mind

When it comes to organisation, Dyostem® makes it possible to plan the harvest date for each plot within 10 to 20 days for reds and 3 to 5 days for whites. You have all the information you need to make the best decisions, so organising the harvest period is totally hassle-free.


Understand the impact climate has on your vines

Dyostem® also deciphers the nature of the vine in the soil and its sensitivity to the conditions of the particular vintage.  This means you can anticipate yield losses linked to dehydration and take appropriate action.

In the longer term, you can measure the impact of the climate and environmental changes and act accordingly.

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Dyostem® is an excellent tool for monitoring grape maturity, making it easier to interpret the specific conditions of each vintage.

Francisco Baettig
Oenologist and Technical Director - Viña Errazuriz, Chile Wine Enthusiast Oenologist of the Year 2016

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Dyostem® features both a piece of equipment and an online interface. 

The tool simultaneously analyses 3 integrative physiological indicators of how the vine is performing in its environment.


    or the evolution of the quantity of sugar per berry, is an indicator of how the vine functions during ripening. It is directly linked to photosynthetic activity, leaf surface balance, yield and the vine's physiological state. The kinetics of sugar loading determine the potential quality of the grapes.


    is an indicator used on white grape varieties. It is a marker of microclimate (exposure, temperature), which has a strong influence on the aromatic type of wine produced. Combined with sugar load, berry colors is a reliable indicator of the aromatic profile of white grapes.


    is measured by photographing the sampled berries. Image processing provides a measure of average volume. This can be used to detect dehydration in the event of water stress.

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