Oxygen: protected alcoholic fermentation

Add oxygen to your wine according to your own goals and wine style. Yeast cliquage helps you stimulate yeast growth and vitality without oxidising the wine. Visio micro-oxygenation helps to enhance the maturation and expressiveness of your wines, making them fuller, smoother, brighter, and more distinct. Both products are equipped with high-performance, precision systems that control and regulate oxygen without the need for human intervention, ensuring reliable alcoholic fermentation. With Visio, you can optimise the quality of your wines through controlled oxygenation.

  • Visio micro-oxygenation for alcoholic fermentation


    Enrich any type of wine thanks to micro-oxygenation. It accentuates the sensation of fullness, softens the tannins, and stabilises the RedOx balance and colour, all while maintaining quality and individuality.

    Visio S en utilisation en haut d'une cuve