Density monitoring

The simple and efficient way to monitor the density of your wines. Densios is a smart sensor that measures density several times a day, without the need for manual intervention, and sends the data directly to your smartphone or computer. KYP is an application that brings together all the information relating to your winery, from vine to bottle. With Densios and KYP, you can monitor the progress of your fermentations and the stability and quality of your wines, all while optimising your winemaking processes.

  • Densios: your density sensor

    Streamline your winemaking process and save time and money with a smart sensor that measures density several times throughout the day.

    Capteur de densité avec sa cloche pour vin rouge
  • KYP cellar notebook

    Keep track of your estate on one single App!
    From the vine to the bottle, no need for multiple logs, tasting notes, or Excel spreadsheets. With KYP, you can keep track of everything in one single application.

    Téléphone et ordinateur affichant l'application KYP