The density sensor

Streamline your winemaking process and save time and money with a smart sensor that measures density several times throughout the day.

The Densios connected sensor operates on the flotation principle, just like a conventional mustimeter, and automatically sends continuous measurements. Positioned inside your tanks, it enables precise monitoring of fermentation on your red, white and rosé musts.

Les capteurs de densité Densios

Densios red, white, & rosé

Different sensors are available to accommodate all types of wine.

For your red musts, the sensor is insulated with a stainless steel cover to ensure extremely accurate density and temperature measurements.

For white musts, the sensor floats freely in the tank to measure density and temperature. A portable mounting system can be added for easy extraction.

  • Complete precision

    Density is measured based on the buoyancy of the sensor. It works according to Archimedes' principle. Accurately track density and temperature.


  • Important notifications

    The density sensor is connected to KYP. It sends you an alert when fermentation is sluggish, so you can react as quickly as possible.


  • Save time

    Monitoring and fermentation management are automated. Your team can therefore focus on other important tasks.

Kyp et Densios

Bring all your data together on one single App!

KYP makes it easier for winegrowers to analyse and make decisions by pooling data from smart sensors. It delivers a set of concise indicators based on the raw data provided and sends notifications to alert and guide the user in the continuous monitoring of their production process.

What do you need to know?


  • How does Densios work?

    Densios is a smart hydrometer which, like all hydrometers, is based on Archimedes' principle.    It works in a similar way to a mustimeter, with density measurements based on the buoyancy of the device. The device is submerged in the liquid under analysis, and the tilt angle in relation to the surface varies according to how deeply it is immersed (it straightens out as it is submerged). The angle of inclination measured by the built-in sensor is therefore a direct indicator of the immersion of the hydrometer and allows the density of the environment to be determined. The sensor also records the temperature of the liquid and corrects the density accordingly.

  • Do I need to disinfect Densios before each use?

    Densios can be disinfected before use. The polycarbonate tube and O-ring are resistant to disinfectant acids. You can use the same disinfectant product in the same quantities as you usually use to disinfect your production lines and equipment coming into contact with wines. 

    /!\ Do not soak Densios in acid for more than one hour; this may cause hairline cracks in the polycarbonate. 

  • How should Densios be maintained between winemaking cycles?

    1° Clean

    After use, Densios should be cleaned with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid or in a caustic soda solution (10% max). You can use the same product in the same quantities as you usually use to clean your production lines and equipment coming into contact with wines.

    /!\ Do not scrape or use an abrasive product on the plastic; this may cause hairline cracks in the polycarbonate.

    2° Store

    Once taken out of liquid, Densios automatically switches to standby mode to save battery power. Lay it on its side, and it will switch off automatically. It must be clean and dry before being stored at room temperature.

The Vivelys team will be happy to help you integrate Densios at your facility.

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