High-performance yeast production

Ecolys® facilitates the production of ferments with a high concentration of cells thanks to easy-to-use equipment.


Ecolys was created in 2003 and is the world's most efficient yeast and bacteria multiplier. Through a dedicated procedure and automated fermenters, Ecolys supplies the cellar with high-cellular-concentration fresh leaven.
Yeast multiplication, oxygenation, agitation, and acclimatisation are automated according to the actual yeast population in the fermenters. It's easy to get to grips with.
Thanks to a high implantation rate, pitching is precise and the yeasts and bacteria are able to carry the fermentation process right through to the end, without the risk of stagnation or sluggish fermentation.

  • More than 20 years
    of expertise
Plateforme Ecolys

Save time through optimal efficiency

Ecolys® offers simple operational management thanks to automated fermenters and an easy-to-use interface.
Cell multiplication requires no supervision, and the leaven becomes acclimatised once the cell population is reached, hence saving on pitching time.

fermenteurs ecolys

Reduce your production costs

Free yourself from the cost of ferments and focus your attention on their oenological qualities. With Ecolys®, you can slash your production costs and significantly reduce your oenological inputs.

multiplicateur des levures ecolys

Choose the yeasts that suit you best

Select dry yeasts for their oenological qualities and multiply them.
Or, opt for fermentation with your own yeasts. We'll work with you in the vineyard to select them, and we’ll provide you with the expertise you need for large-scale preservation, multiplication, and pitching.

Our Ecolys range

A high-performance solution tailored to your needs thanks to three different protocols

  • Ecolys® AF Yeasts

    The classic version includes the equipment, the procedure, and the organisation needed to ensure long-term viability within the winery.

    a) Equipment: everything needed to set up the Ecolys® ecosystem (vats, microscope, monitoring probes, etc.). 
    b) Procedure: our expertise acquired through more than 20 years of global winemaking experience.          This procedure is based on key principles that are unique and specific to Vivelys.   
    c) Organisation: training, methodology, organisation in the cellar and support at every step. These steps are crucial in the implementation of high-added-value industrial projects - we never leave our customers to fend for themselves! This is our number-one priority.

  • Ecolys® MLF Bacteria

    Ecolys® MLF is a fully automated management solution for the production of bacteria - an essential step in the malolactic fermentation process. The result is twice as fast MLF, with less operational time required and a reduced impact on wines caused by fermentation stoppages. With clear, tangible benefits for the winemaker and savings to boot!

  • Ecolys® Prise de mousse

    Ecolys® Prise de mousse is a fully automated steering solution that guarantees a safe and optimised foaming stage during the manufacturing of sparkling products. The result? A higher foaming success rate and better yeast repeatability. With clear, tangible benefits for the winemaker and savings to boot!

Logo opus one

Ecolys® lends an added touch of sophistication to our wine.

Alaina Velasquez
Opus One, USA

Logo viña concha y toro

Ecolys® has delivered major benefits.
Fermentation starts quickly, it's safe and clean; the quality is guaranteed, and we've saved days on cellar rotation.

Hector Urzua
Concha y Toro, Chili

Logo cave richemer

Ecolys® enables us to improve profitability, quality, and lead times. The equipment ensures a rapid start to fermentation for our whites and rosés, making our wine profiles more reliable. The consultations provided by Vivelys enabled us to integrate the process very smoothly.

Pierre -Yves Rouillé
Caves Richemer, France

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Want to integrate Ecolys into your winemaking processes? Please get in touch.

Nos autres produits

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    Produce leaven from yeasts grown on your own land:
    VIVELYS is by your side from the pre-selection of yeasts in the vineyard, right through to the pitching in the cellar and the conservation of the leaven from one year to the next.

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