Scalya Up

Fermentation CO2 recovery
Automate and perfect your AF

Thanks to CO2 autonomy, extraction and pump-over have never been so simple! 

Scalya Up

Scalya Up is a comprehensive, automated system designed to recover and store some of the CO2 from your alcoholic fermentations

This collected CO2 is then used according to your needs in the cellar: pump-over, batonnage, dynamic draining of whites. You can monitor these processes from any linked device.

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Reduce water and energy consumption

Make savings by reducing your water and energy consumption thanks to extractions that don't involve pumps or cleaning. Complete homogenisation of the vat during CO2 fermentation, thanks to injectors placed in the bottom of the vat, avoids temperature spikes during AF; more efficient thermoregulation results in lower energy consumption.

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Optimise labour resources

Automated your extractions, with programmes that can be customised according to fermentation progress and your specific needs. This means that equipped vats operate autonomously, with no need for manual intervention. 

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Precision management of your wine profiles

Scalya® Up optimises red wine production by recovering and recycling the CO2 generated during fermentation. This process creates an ideal CO2-rich environment for fruitier red wines while preserving their aromatic freshness and their colour. Simplified programming and better extraction management contribute to softer, rounder tannins. What's more, complete homogenisation speeds up fermentation, making it quicker and more efficient.

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How much CO2 is recovered?

Scalya Up recovers around 5% of fermentation CO2. Take and store what you need for your winemaking processes. Each system is sized and adapted to the specific needs of each cellar. This solution can also be adapted to any type of existing vat room.


  • Scalya Up for whites and rosés?

    As an option, a dynamic draining tank uses the CO2 recovered from your fermentations for:

    • inertage of the harvest during the draining process
    • stirring/mixing the harvest to improve the yield of initial high-quality pressings

    Thanks to dynamic draining, you can load more grapes into each press. So, you can really enhance your process!

  • How can Scalya Up help me reduce SO2 use?

    Preserve your wines with fermentation CO2 and use less SO2 in the production and storage of your products.

The Vivelys team will be happy to help you integrate Scalya® Up into your facility.

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