Worry-free fermentation and maturation for your wines

Scalya is a monitoring system that delivers outstanding sensory results at the end of the wine fermentation and maturation processes; manage the temperature, turbidity, oxygen supply, and nitrogen nutrients in each of your vats. During maturation, you can regulate the oxygen supply to obtain the distinctive characters that you're aiming for.

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Total peace of mind during the fermentation of each tank

Oxygen is automatically added at the perfect time: at the end of the yeast growth phase. This ensures successful fermentation. The system displays the exact assimilable nitrogen requirement at the start of fermentation based on the sugar and assimilable nitrogen concentration of the must.

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Easy monitoring and tracking of maturation

Access and manage your Visio™ oxygen injection equipment remotely at any time. Monitor maturation in real-time. Adjust the amount of oxygen injected using your computer. 

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A system to suit all cellar sizes

Scalya® is a modular system that can be adapted to any cellar to suit your individual goals. This scalable product has also been designed to be highly compatible with other systems (thermoregulation in particular). The precision of the formulas is based on Vivelys' applied research and a partnership with INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research).

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Our Scalya range

A high-performance solution tailored to your needs.

  • Scalya Drive

    Automation and monitoring of the oxygen supply during AF and maturation, the temperature, batonnage, and extraction.

  • Scalya® Safe

    Automation and monitoring of oxygen supply to ensure effective AF.

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It can be tricky to figure out the cause of slow or sluggish fermentation. More often than not, adding a combination of oxygen and nitrogen is advisable. For example, adding a combination of 5 mg/l of oxygen with 60 mg/l of nitrogen has a striking effect: the fermentation time drops from 250 hours to 100 hours.

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INRA, France

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Our teams have expanded [...]. We've set up in-house training to facilitate this change, and even though we still need time to really get to grips with the new tools, I'd say they've given us a different perspective on our trade. It's helped us grow.

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Scalya Safe
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