KYP cellar notebook

Keep track of your estate on one single App!

From the vine to the bottle, there's no need for multiple logs, tasting notes, or Excel spreadsheets.
With KYP, you can keep track of everything in one single application.

One web and mobile App pools all your data in real time.
Monitor your production processes from your computer.
Enter your data from as close to the action as possible using your mobile phone.
Work remotely all year round with the vineyard and cellar.

Deux personnes dégustant analysant le vin grâce à KYP

Collect your data from as close to the action as possible and track it in real time

The system provides notifications and alerts at every key stage of production. Everyone working on your operations can enter data or simply view it remotely. With KYP, you can access your data history wherever you are, year after year. Archive everything that's important to you, safeguard your knowledge, and prep for the future.

Head over to the KYP® website to find out more.

Satisfied customers

Logo vignobles jolivet

Thanks to the information provided by the smart sensors, I save a considerable amount of time when it comes to getting my cellar processes up and running in the morning.

Marie-Amélie Jolivet 
Vignobles Jolivet

Logo luigi Bosca

It can take up to three days to identify the issue and take action when fermentation gets sluggish in the vats. Thanks to KYP, we can react straight away now.

Pablo Cuneo 
Chief winemaker - Luigi Bosca

Logo Montes

KYP provides information instantly and with fewer human errors.

Bernardo Troncoso 
Senior oenologist - Montes

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