Premium oenological oak:

Boisé® France is an avant-garde innovator that has developed a wide range of exclusive oak and products that are unique on the market to help you respond to the expectations of your consumers and the developments in your field.


A pioneer in precision oenology, Boisé® represents a premium range of oenological oak for winemaking and aging. 
Sourced from 100% PEFC sustainably managed forests, we exclusively use French oak as our raw material. Our Boisé® France production site is ISO 50001 certified (energy management), and all our staves and barrel inserts are 100% solar-torrefied. 
Our products are meticulously selected, analysed, and torrefied to guarantee the unique precision and repeatability of our oak.
Choosing Boisé® means choosing a committed, ethical brand!

  • 100%
    French oak
  • 100%
  • Solar energy
    Torrefaction of our staves and inserts
  • Quality
    ISO 22 000 & ISO 50 001 certifications
Copeaux de bois à usage oenologique haut de gamme

Boisé® Origine oak chips

Boisé® Origine is a range of 12 different oak chips, each with a specific aromatic profile, that oenologists can blend and integrate into their recipe to create a unique, precise, and consistent wine profile.

Copeaux Boisé Signature

Boise® Signature

Boisé® Signature is a range of 3 products made from a blend of different, ready-to-use oak chips, for an uncompromising signature to your wines.

Douelles à usage oenologique haut de gamme

Boisé® Inspiration Staves & Barrel Inserts

Drawing on our oak-processing expertise, the Boisé® Inspiration range showcases the beauty of oak working hand in hand with oenological savoir-faire. Boasting 11 stave types and six barrel inserts, it's the most comprehensive range available on the market.

Verre d'un spiritueux infusé avec Boisé® Spirits

Boisé® Spirits Oenological oak for spirits

Boisé® Spirits is a range adapted to spirits and designed as a tool for creating new mixed drinks and cocktail recipes.

Download our Boisé® Spirits brochure

Goutte de chêne

Boisé Absolu 100% natural French oak extract

The natural purity of oak for beers, spirits, and soft drinks in a drop. 100% natural oak extracts, made in France.

To find out more about our products, visit the Boisé® site or get in touch with us.

Build your wine profiles through oak and oxygen

A clever combination of oxygen and oenological oak will enhance the elegance and finesse of your wines.
Together, our oenological oak and oxygen increase the colour intensity of red wines. They also preserve a fruity character, soften oaky notes, and add fullness on the palate. The oaky notes and balanced mouthfeel appear more harmonious.

The characteristics of the oak, the point at which it is added during the process, the quantity used, the contact time, and the temperature are all factors that affect the integration of the oak into the wine and the resulting harmony between the aromas of the two.
Vivelys has been researching these factors since 1996, and our consultants are on hand to provide advice for your wine profiles.

The Vivelys team will be happy to help you integrate a wood+oxygen project at your facility.

Documents to download

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What do you need to know?


  • How long does aging take?

    This will depend on the Boisé format (chips or staves), the quantity, the point of use (AF or aging), the quenching method (static or dynamic), and the desired effect. For example, for our Boisé® Origine and Signature oak pellets, it takes around 3 to 8 weeks. For our Boisé® Inspiration staves, it takes between 4 and 12 months, depending on the thickness of the staves.

Our other products

  • Scalya

    Automate your fermentation and aging for worry-free winemaking.

    Logiciel Scalya sur écran d'ordinateur
  • Native yeast selection

    Producing your leaven from native yeasts:
    VIVELYS is by your side from the pre-selection of yeasts in the vineyard, right through to the pitching in the cellar and the conservation of the leaven from one year to the next.

    Baies de raisin rouge
  • KYP cellar notebook

    Keep track of your estate on one single App!
    From the vine to the bottle, no need for multiple logs, tasting notes, or Excel spreadsheets.
    With KYP, you can keep track of everything in one single application.

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