Vinification is a key moment to the success of each vintage.
Make each stage in your process as secure as possible to optimise the quality of your wines:
From controlled must oxygenation to fermentation monitoring in each vat, and from the production of your own leaven to fermentative CO2 recovery, opt for high-performance, easy-to-implement solutions.

  • Must oxygenation with Cilyo

    Cilyo preserves aromas and protects your white and rosé wines from oxidation. Your wines are protected until they're ready to drink and offer their full potential to your consumers.

    Verre de vin traité avec Cilyo
  • Oxygen: protected alcoholic fermentation

    Add oxygen to your wine according to your own goals and wine style. Yeast cliquage helps you stimulate yeast growth and vitality without oxidising the wine. Visio micro-oxygenation accentuates the sensation of fullness, softens the tannins, and stabilises the RedOx balance and colour, all while maintaining quality and individuality.

    Bulles d'oxygène
  • Density monitoring

    The simple and efficient way to monitor the density of your wines. Densios is a smart sensor that measures density several times a day, without the need for manual intervention, and sends the data directly to your smartphone or computer. KYP is an application that brings together all the information relating to your winery, from vine to bottle.

    Kyp et densios
  • Automate and perfect your AF

    Take control and automate your alcoholic fermentations with Scalya; this tool regulates temperature, turbidity, oxygen supply, and nitrogen nutrients. Adjust the oxygen supply during maturation to deliver unique products.

    Logiciel Scalya vu sur ordinateur