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Let's explore your skills together to shape the future of oenology

We believe in the power of innovation, passion, and excellence to create unforgettable tasting experiences. We are at the forefront of precision oenology, cultivating our talents within committed teams.

  • 80%*
    Workforce commitment rate
    *source: 2022 company survey
  • 60*
    *approximately 1000 at the OENEO Group
  • 4
  • 98%
    Permanent contracts
Our expertise

Our expertise

Our expertise spans the entire process, from vine to cellar, and our customers benefit from our full range of expertise in three key areas:

  • Wine aging: drawing on our expertise in the interaction between oak and oxygen
  • Overall fermentation management to ensure the smooth running of this crucial step
  • Harmonising grape and wine profiles

We work closely with our customers to design products that entice the senses and win over their consumers.

Our products

notre culture d'entreprise

Our corporate culture

Our exceptional team dares to create and invent exceptional products and cutting-edge digital solutions. We foster collaboration, dynamism, and excellence on a daily basis.         
Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our development.
As a tight-knit organisation, we pride ourselves on being attentive to the needs of our employees and on fostering a caring, friendly, and respectful working environment.

Shared values

  • Creativity

    We are committed to exploring new avenues and working together to invent unique, cutting-edge solutions that deliver both progress and value to our customers.
    To achieve our goals, we pay close attention to our environment and demonstrate our desire to understand today's challenges so that we can provide tangible and effective solutions to all our partners.
    Putting innovation at the heart of our development enables us to stay one step ahead. We devote a significant proportion of our revenue to it, and we boast an R&D department that plays a central role in our business.

  • Passion

    At Vivelys, we're passionate about our profession thanks to a common vision: that of pioneering new solutions for winemaking processes that are respectful of the environment, the terroir, and the expertise of each individual winemaker.
    This passion is expressed by the shared enthusiasm of our teams. As a brand, we're committed to developing a positive mindset that enables us to tackle the challenges we face with optimism and an open mind.
    This passion is reflected in the high standards set by our teams. It's a true energy source that drives us to constantly broaden our knowledge and create unique offerings that are specific to the needs of each of our customers.

  • Trust

    A shared vision and a coherent project at the heart of Vivelys facilitate our decision-making, lend meaning to our actions, and foster a sense of trust within our organisation.
    We make sure we honour our commitments to earn the trust of our customers. We endeavour to provide them with high-quality services, so that they can integrate our solutions into their daily operations with complete peace of mind.
    At Vivelys, our management charter emphasises attentiveness, helping others, and setting an example, which ensures our actions are consistent with our ambition to help our teams grow and to create the best conditions for teamwork and trust.

  • Attentiveness

    Attentiveness is a skill to be honed: a true Art!
    Genuinely listening means truly understanding the needs of the person in question. Quite simply, it means showing them respect.
    Being attentive also means asking the right questions and getting the right answers. It’s about being available and showing empathy. Putting in the groundwork to build long-lasting, quality relationships.
    At Vivelys, no topic is off-limits. Everyone is welcome to express themselves without being afraid to speak out.  Everyone is equally expected to listen, really listen, because our strength comes from the diversity of our ideas.

  • Team spirit

    Team spirit is as simple as this: be open to other people's ideas, help each other out, and encourage collaboration.      
    We strive to work harmoniously; we know where we fit in and the role we play in ensuring our team's shared performance and success.
    At Vivelys, the alliances we forge with our partners, the special relationships we build with our customers, and the synergies we achieve with them on every project all attest to our team spirit! 

Get set for a unique adventure!

Want to see what's in store for you? Here's a sneak preview:

🚀 On the agenda: exciting projects guaranteed to get your blood pumping and make you eager to get out of bed in the morning and put your skills to the test day after day.

🌟 Join the VIVELYS family and become part of a team where everyone matters and where diversity and inclusion are prioritised to foster innovation.

💼 And that's not all! You'll love Life@Vivelys: yoga, running, after-works drinks, team building activities, and company seminars.
Our expectations? Our customers deserve the best: attentiveness, understanding of their needs, responsiveness, and commitment.

So, if you’re passionate about building the future of precision oenology, come and join us! 🌍✨


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What our talent has to say...

I'm motivated by innovation, shaking up the status quo, and revolutionising oenology. These are still the key goals of the company almost 25 years down the line. I'm proud to continue building the future of winemaking with Vivelys.

Jean François Gilis,
Head of Microbiology & Biotechnology Solutions, Vivelys

I'm delighted to be returning to Vivelys after 16 years; it's the commitment to CSR and the creative environment that I couldn’t resist. What's more, remote working boosts employee wellbeing and enables a better work-life balance.

Christophe Schaeffer,
Lead Developer, Vivelys

I've been with Vivelys for almost 5 years, and I'm delighted to be a part of such an innovative company. They're always coming up with new projects, so you never get bored, and you're constantly learning new things.

Sophie Valentin,
Accountant, Vivelys

Engagements RH et sociaux

Our HR and employee commitments

We believe that work should be a source of pleasure and fulfilment. This philosophy is reflected in various aspects of our approach:

  • Shared values: Our actions are governed by the shared values that are rooted in our day-to-day activities.
  • A fulfilling work environment: The OENEO Group conducts a company survey every two years to assess and monitor employee commitment. This enables us to adapt our actions to meet the expectations of our teams.
  • Showcasing talent: Our employees are the main driving force behind our success. The strength of our teams plays a crucial role in our quality process, ensuring that we can work seamlessly with our customers.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion: In 2022, we adopted a group-wide Equality-Diversity Charter, and the action plan is on track.

Learn more about our CSR policy

Our departments

  • R&D (oenology, microbiology, digital development, methods and industry)

    We create, design, and develop the company's products, services, and technologies.
    We conduct in-depth investigations, develop prototypes, carry out rigorous tests, and implement innovative solutions to solve complex problems.        
    Our roles demand creativity, curiosity, and commitment to excellence, all of which help shape the future of the industry and the company.

  • Production (After-sales service, Production, Logistics)

    We are at the heart of product development and delivery, and we plan, coordinate, and implement manufacturing operations. We ensure that products are manufactured efficiently, to the highest quality, and in compliance with the relevant standards. Our activities often involve managing manufacturing operations, supervising production teams, optimising supply chains, and resolving operational challenges.
    This is an essential role when it comes to transforming ideas into tangible products that meet the needs of the market.

  • Quality (EHS)

    We are committed to ensuring the excellence and conformity of our products and services. We evaluate, monitor, and improve quality standards throughout our organisation. We undertake audits and tests to ensure that products meet the set standards. In addition, we develop quality control procedures and quality assurance protocols, and we take corrective action where necessary.
    Our activities are crucial to customer satisfaction and compliance with regulations in force. We help to ensure the reliability and durability of products on the market.

  • General Services (Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Accounting/Finance, HR-CSR, IT)

    We ensure the efficient management of the non-specialised aspects of the organisation. Our role is to maintain a safe, effective, and organised working environment, thus enabling employees to concentrate on their core responsibilities.
    Our activities require managerial and organisational expertise, along with a rigorous approach to ensuring the health of the company and the wellbeing of its employees.