Oak & Oxygen

AImprove the sensory and aromatic quality of your wines with Visio, bringing complexity, body, and sweetness, all while preserving freshness and stability thanks to the use of Boisé premium oenological oak and oxygen.

  • Boisé

    Premium oenological oak:
    An avant-garde forerunner, Boisé® France develops products that are unique on the market to respond to the expectations of all consumers. Thanks to a vast range of exceptional oak, you can innovate, create, and adapt to changing markets.

  • Visio

    Enrich any type of wine thanks to micro-oxygenation. It accentuates the sensation of fullness, softens the tannins, and stabilises the RedOx balance and colour, all while maintaining quality and individuality.

    Outil de micro-oxygénation visio en utilisation en haut de cuves