Recreate the effect of maturation on the lees in tanks

Working with the lees in vats will enhance the body and fullness of your wines while protecting their aromatic potential. 

Batonneur XL dans le fond d'une cuve inox

More body without any loss of aroma:

Constant movement increases the extraction of polysaccharides by 30% compared with a control tank without a mixer. The additional polysaccharides have an immediate and positive impact on the mouthfeel and aromatic persistence.
Bâtonneur™ assures gentle resuspension without loss of CO2, thereby preserving all of the wine's aromas.

Batonneur XS dans une cuve

Fine-tune a wine's profile via the interaction between oxygen and lees:

Steer your wines towards more body or structure by regulating the amount of oxygen in the lees.
The Visio™ range ensures reliable inputs. A small amount of oxygen in conjunction with the lees results in a rounder wine. A large amount of oxygen in conjunction with the lees results in a more structured wine.

Vue intérieure d'une cuve avec Batonneur XS et Boisé

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Bâtonneur is easy to use alongside our Visio™ range and our premium Boisé® oenological oak.

Our Bâtonneur range

A high-performance solution tailored to your needs.

  • Bâtonneur XL

    A stirring device to fit to the bottom of your tank that can stir up to 2500 HL. 

  • Bâtonneur XS

    A portable stirring device that can stir up to 300 HL.

Satisfied customers

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I can now stir the lees in my sleep thanks to Bâtonneur™! This automated system is linked to a lees stirring motor and enables me to resuspend the lees quickly and more gently than traditional methods.

Donald Wirz
Winemaker - Delicato Family Vineyards

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What do you need to know?


  • How long should my Bâtonneur be used in the tank?

    The Bâtonneur can be programmed according to your initial objectives and then modified if necessary. We recommend regular checks with tasting sessions. You can use the Bâtonneur over a few days and for up to several weeks.

The Vivelys team will be happy to help you integrate the Bâtonneur at your facility.

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    Appareil Visio utilisé en haur d'une cuve
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    Logiciel Scalya sur écran d'ordinateur
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