Our CSR policy

At the heart of winemaking and the Timber industry:
We must preserve our resources for a sustainable future

Vineyards need water, fertile land, and healthy biodiversity to produce quality grapes.
Vivelys innovates to help its customers and partners minimise their environmental impact, promote sustainable practices, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production line.
Preserving resources in the wine industry also means making a social commitment to local communities and to our own teams.

Our CSR commitments

The cornerstones of our CSR strategy

Culture & Expertise

The corporate culture we have developed is based on solid expertise, with a strong focus on the safety of our operations. We also invest in employee fulfilment initiatives, strengthening our ability to retain key talent and ensure sustainable success.

  • 0
    Work-related accidents since 2022
  • 39.62%
    Of the workforce was made up of women in 2023
  • 79%
    People trained in 2023
Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace
  1. Road Risk Training: Day after day, we strengthen accident avoidance among our travelling and office-based teams by training them in road safety and health issues.
  2. Building Assessment: We are constantly seeking to improve our working conditions. To this end, an in-depth assessment is carried out once a year, fostering a safe, ergonomic working environment that is conducive to the wellbeing of our teams.
Talent Fulfilment and Loyalty

We are continuing our collaboration with a certified coaching organisation, offering our managers specialist support on specific topics.
This initiative promotes the personal and professional development of our talent and ensures that all our teams flourish.

Equality & Diversity

The adoption of our Equality & Diversity Policy and the training of three Equality & Diversity representatives within the company illustrate our ongoing commitment to inclusiveness.
We actively promote equal opportunities and value diversity in all its forms.
Our representatives play a key role in raising awareness; they help to maintain an open and respectful environment that reinforces our diverse corporate culture and encourages innovation.
We invest in training and establish major partnerships with ESATs (establishments and services providing assistance through work for disabled persons). 

Resources & The environment

Our operations and those of our customers are closely tied to nature. We have a responsibility to preserve these resources and protect the environment so that the rich legacy of wine may continue. Our ongoing commitment is to develop products and services that are environmentally friendly, thereby helping to promote safe and sustainable winemaking.

  • 10%
    Carbon footprint reduction
  • 35%
    Of our employees are trained in energy-efficient driving
  • 4
    Climate Fresk coordinators
  • 70%
    Of our employees received Climate Fresk training in 2023
trajectoire carbone

Carbon pathway

We committed to reduce the carbon impact of our business by 10% between 2019 and 2025, and we already achieved this target in 2022!
To do so, we focused our efforts on reducing the emissions linked to the transportation of our equipment to the US market by opting for sea freight.  Other awareness-raising and emission-reduction initiatives are currently underway in a bid to push things even further.
Most recently, we've been training our staff in energy-efficient driving to encourage more environmentally friendly travel. Our goal is to have 100% of our company vehicle users trained by 2025.

fresque du climat Vivelys

Climate Fresk

We've introduced Climate Fresk within our organisation to encourage a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding climate change. Our target is to have 100% of our employees trained by 2025.

partenaires locaux

Local partners

When purchasing supplies and raw materials, we maximise our reliance on local partners.

High-added-value products & services

Our CSR approach is also reflected in our range of high-added-value products and services.    Each of our products embodies not only high quality and innovation standards to meet our customers' needs, but also our firm commitment to sustainable practices. In opting for our solutions, our customers become partners in our commitment to social responsibility and actively contribute to building a future where excellence goes hand in hand with sustainability.

  • >10 % of turnover
    Was devoted to R&D in 2022-2023
  • > 15%
    Of the total workforce was dedicated to R&D in 2023
  • 3
    Patronages since 2022

Redesign existing facilities, optimise resources, reduce waste, & manage consumption

  • Ecolys

    Ecolys enables wineries to produce their own leavens from native or industrial yeasts.
    Producing your own yeast means fewer yeast purchases and less waste in terms of packaging.

  • Scalya Up

    The Scalya Up solution makes it possible to recover fermentative CO2 for reuse in cellars.
    This system not only improves user safety, it also improves your carbon footprint while saving on inputs and energy.

    Scalya Up
  • Cilyo

    The Cilyo solution for controlled oxygenation of musts reduces the quantity of 'fining' inputs.


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