Optimize the Quality of Your Wines with Controlled Must Oxygenation (O2CM)

In the era of modern winemaking, preserving aromas and protecting against oxidation are imperatives for any winemaker concerned with the quality of their wines. This is where Cilyo® comes in, an innovative solution based on Controlled Must Oxygenation (O2CM), offering a precise and effective approach to ensuring the aromatic integrity of your white and rosé wines.

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Cilyo, Controlled Must Oxygenation

Precision and Efficiency: The Cilyo® Measurement

The key to Cilyo lies in its ability to accurately determine the dose of oxygen needed to eliminate undesirable polyphenols while preserving essential aromas. This measurement is based on a natural enzymatic mechanism, guaranteeing optimal results for each batch of must.


The Visio™ Range: For Precise and Secure Oxygen Addition

Once the dose is determined, the Visio™ range allows for controlled and secure addition of the needed oxygen. With flawless precision, this micro-oxygenation equipment ensures that your wines receive exactly what they need, without compromise.

Exceptional Wines: Intensified Aromas, Enriched Aromatic Profile

The benefits of Cilyo® are revealed in the tasting. Wines benefit from fruit ripening, thiol release, and intensified notes of exotic fruits and citrus. The result? Wines that are more aromatic, longer on the palate, and of remarkable quality.

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Reduce Inputs, Increase Quality

In addition to its benefits on aromas, Cilyo® offers a solution to reduce sulfites and other inputs, thus meeting the growing demand from consumers for more natural and pure wines. By choosing Cilyo, you are investing in the quality and sustainability of your products.

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Ease of Use: new Cilyo V.3

In response to the practical needs of winemakers, the new Cilyo V.3 stands out for its more portable size and user-friendly interface. With dimensions of 460mm x 230mm x 460mm, it becomes an essential tool that is easy to integrate into your winemaking process.

Cilyo® is much more than just a tool for winemakers; it is an innovation that redefines how we preserve and enhance the quality of our wines. With its precise approach, tangible results, and commitment to excellence, Cilyo® emerges as an indispensable partner for any oenology professional wishing to offer the best to their consumers.

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