Improving Alcohol Production: Boisé® and Microoxygenation

In this article, we will explore how the combination of Boisé® and micro-oxygenation can improve the spirits production process, offering tangible benefits and exciting opportunities for the industry.

Oenological oak and aging
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In the exciting world of spirits production, the constant search for quality, efficiency and optimized costs drives distillers to adopt technologies that work.  

Optimized Aging: Micro-oxygenation technology controls the precise release of oxygen during the spirit aging process.

Cost Reduction and Operational Simplification: By incorporating Boisé® oak alternatives to traditional foudres and barrels, producers can reduce costs per liter of spirit and simplify storage and inventory management operations. This not only delivers the desired aromatic profile more efficiently, but also frees up resources to invest in other areas of production.

Guaranteed Consistency and Repeatability: Boisé® oak alternatives ensures a constant organoleptic profile in each batch of spirits, allowing to assure reproducibility of products and reliable quality in the market. This consistency is essential to maintain consumer loyalty and establish a solid reputation in the industry.

Product Diversification and Business Opportunities: The combination of Boisé® and micro-oxygenation not only improves the quality and efficiency of spirits production, but also opens up new business opportunities. From the production of prepared cocktails to ready-to-drink beverages, the versatility of these technologies can be used in a wide range of applications.

In conclusion, the alliance between Boisé® and micro-oxygenation represents a significant advance in spirits production, offering tangible benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and profitability. With their ability to improve aging, reduce costs, ensure consistency and open up new business opportunities, these technologies are leading the way to an exciting future for the distilling industry. At Vivelys, we are committed to continuing to lead winemaking innovation and deliver concrete and relevant solutions for our customers around the world.

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