AI in the vineyard: the new era of precision agriculture

Discover the innovation that will revolutionize your vineyard management! Vivelys and Bloomfield* have joined forces to bring you a visionary and highly useful tool for vineyard management and decision-making.

*Bloomfield Robotics is a company with over 10 years' experience in artificial intelligence applied to agriculture.

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How does the sensor work?

It scans the vineyard to provide a wide range of data, from counting buds, branches and grapes to identifying berry color and diameter, depending on the phenological stage.

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Sensor and AI algorithm

Equipped with a powerful sensor that's easy to install on any type of machine, this system generates thousands of images of each plot scanned. 
But most impressive of all is its unique artificial intelligence algorithm, which analyzes the data before sending it to a web platform accessible to the winemaker.

Data visualization

On this platform, you can view data, geolocate your plots and obtain detailed information. What's more, data is available within 24 to 48 hours of download, and can be exported for further analysis.

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Benefits and features

Regular, accurate and efficient analysis for better production management

  • Advance planning of replanting and accurate assessment of plant condition (% of missing plants, low yielding vines).
  • Rapid identification of vine health and vigour problems, facilitating planting evaluation.
  • Optimization of costly manual tasks. With speeds of up to 20 km/h, vehicles can cover large areas.
  • Total vineyard coverage and efficient use of treatment passes.
  • Facilitates vineyard management decisions thanks to continuous observation of vineyard evolution throughout the season.
  • 10+ years
    Bloomfield Robotics in the AI field
  • 4 countries
    test under real-life conditions (USA, France, Italy, Chili)
  • 2 264 ha
  • +/- 10%
    current error rate


 Observing the development of ripening on a plot

Evaluation of berry maturity heterogeneity in the plot, by color at veraison.

Early season scan from 8/08/2023, California vineyard:

Different colors represent different stages of veraison on the same plot.

End-of-season scan from 8/09/2023, California vineyard:

One month later, color uniformity is observed.

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