How to Enhance and Preserve White and Rosé Wines Using Oxygen

Discover how Vivelys' innovative Controlled Must Oxygenation (O2CM) method can enhance and preserve white and rosé wines. Thanks to this technique, you'll learn how to optimize aromatic profiles while protecting your wines from premature oxidation, thus improving their quality and market value.

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Challenges of Early Oxidation

Early oxidation of white wines is a growing problem. There are classic ways of dealing with it: hyperoxygenation and hyperprotection, but they are not always precise. That's why Vivelys has developed an alternative solution: Controlled Must Oxygenation (O2CM).

Enzymatic mechanisms of oxidation of musts

The role of natural enzymes

The O2CM principle is based on the use of polyphenol oxidase (PPO), a natural enzyme present in the must. Unlike chemical oxidation mechanisms, enzymatic ones are highly selective. Adding oxygen to the must eliminates the phenolic acids involved in oxidation, producing condensation compounds which are then removed during racking.


Using the Cilyo® tool

To determine the ideal amount of oxygen to add, Vivelys has developed the Cilyo®. This approach reduces vulnerability to subsequent chemical oxidation and optimizes wine aromatic profiles.

Comparison of sample and O2CM wine profiles of Sauvignon

Positive impact on wine profiles

O2CM treatments, carried out on some twenty grape varieties, show positive effects on wine profiles:

  • Reduced vegetal perception
  • Increased wine maturity, while preserving the intensity of the "thiol" character.

In particular, Sauvignon Blanc wines evolve towards more tropical notes. On the palate, a greater perception of "fatness" is perceived, improving the overall quality of the wine.

Impact of oxygen supply on the “thiol” content

Financial benefits

The O2CM allows specific, independent treatment of each grape juice. This strategy, which separates juices according to their polyphenol content, ensures stability against oxidation and a distinct aromatic profile. The financial benefits are significant: increased quality without additional production costs, and enhanced product value on the market.


In short, O2CM is an innovative method for enhancing and preserving white and rosé wines. 
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