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The struggle is streamlined but remains risky.

Author: Marion BAZIREAU

In Dijon, a researcher observed that sulfiting at 0.5 mg/L of active SO2 was not enough to eliminate strong populations of Bretts. At Vivelys, the R&D department has shown that these yeasts destroy the roasted, torrefaction aromas obtained from oak.

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04 Maggio 2017
Bretts - Worse and worse.

Author: Marion BAZIREAU

New on the Brettanomyces front! In Dijon, we observed that sulfiting at 0.5 mg/l of active SO2 is not enough to eliminate strong populations. At Vivelys, we have shown that they destroy the toasted, torrefaction notes obtained from oak.

La Vigne
01 Maggio 2017
Vivelys - Blends of premium wood chips.

Author: M. L.

Vivelys launches a new range of alternatives under the name "Boisé signature". These are wood blends made from chips already present in the standard range, "Boisé origine".

Réussir Vigne
01 Maggio 2017
Brettanomyces bruxellensis and its action on the wood compounds in wine.

Authors: Séverine CROS, Anaïs HOUETTE-CASSOU, Lisa SAINT-GERMAIN, Jean-François GILIS

The results of this study highlight a new, negative effect for Brettanomyces in aging wines. In addition to the consequences described traditionally, these contaminating yeasts can degrade or transform certain sought-after compounds during barrel aging. The wood profile of a wine seems to be modified even before the Brettanomyces has started to produce odoriferous volatile compounds such as 4-ethylphenol.

Revue de Œnologues et des Techniques Viticoles et Œnologiques
01 Aprile 2017
Controlled must oxygenation to reduce doses of SO2.

Author: Séverine FAVRE

The company Vivelys is working on a method to protect white grape juice from oxidation. Before settling, controlled must oxygenation (O2CM) makes it possible to reduce wine's sensitivity to oxygen. Trials combining O2CM and reduced doses of sulfites have produced interesting results on wine profiles.

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16 Febbraio 2017
Wine consumption in the US: taste as a cultural issue.

Author: Vladimir KAUFFMANN

At Vinitech, Vivelys revealed the outlines of an IWSR study with the forces of the n°1 consumer market in the world. This study is part of the Vivelys approach, offering wine sector key players in-depth information so as to help them make their strategic, marketing and production decisions.

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13 Febbraio 2017



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