Vivelys takes part in a wide range of conferences and regularly publishes content on viticulture, oenology, microbiology, production strategy and markets.

These publications are based on the research programmes conducted each year since Vivelys was founded.

Market research

Who are your competitors in the United States? What are the most popular wines in China? What are the most common profiles? And the most highly demanded?

These are the questions any winemaker or producer must answer when defining the characteristics of their wine, with a view to either following consumer trends or achieve a competitive edge.

Vivelys market research

Vivelys offers wine industry players detailed, factual information to assist them in their strategic, marketing and production decisions.

To this end, Vivelys market research provides insight into sales trends and popular profiles. In addition to a description of the major characteristics of the market under review, the most representative products are categorised and described, based on tastings carried out by a sensory panel.

USA - American and imported red wines - Market research & sensory evaluation
01 November 2017
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World – Argentine Malbec Wines
01 December 2015
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World – Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wines
01 November 2015
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