Areas of expertise

We assist winemakers
in accelerating their development
Find out about the leading wines and trends on your markets

To evaluate your markets and position your wines, Vivelys offers comprehensive studies that combine local and international market data  (volume, prices, trends, etc.) with a sensory evaluation of the leading wines.
We study the position of your ranges in their market environment using a comprehensive in-depth and factual synthesis to guide you as you make strategic choices.

Formalise and perpetuate the company’s technical know-how

Because know-how is the key to successful winemaking , we help you formalise and pass on this precious knowledge.
Our production strategy experience has driven us to develop methods that allow the company’s internal know-how to be formalised in a way that is clear, shared and easy to pass on .

Define and track your product’s organoleptic profile

We help you to establish organoleptic definitions for your wines that can be understood by everyone in the company, whether they work in sales, oenology and or viticulture. 
We also develop and train internal and external tasters who can analyse wines impartially and monitor their consistency and quality throughout the production process until they are brought to market .


Enhancing the quality potential of your vineyard parcels

Vivelys has developed a decision-making support tool for the vineyards (Dyostem®)which makes it possible to track the behaviour of the vines in relation to their environment and measure grape potential before harvest.
Dyostem® allows growers to anticipate the optimum harvest date and to manage the technical processes carried out in the cellar from an early stage.

Ensuring every vintage has a consistent wine profile

Vivelys helps growers adapt to weather variations and the specific conditions of each vintage .
We can provide the tools you need to anticipate and control these changes year after year, and in the longer term.

More natural terroir management

We can help you to better understand the vineyard , take a proactive approach to harvest dates for each parcel, sleect and produce your own indigenous yeast(s) and monitor contaminating microorganisms in the cellar . These processes, in turn, enable winemakers to reduce the oenological inputs used while also guaranteeing the production of high-quality wines .
Our expertise in controlling natural parameters and redox potential also provides solutions to reduce the use of sulphites.

Manage oxygen and oak in the vinification and ageing of your wines

A pioneer in controlling oxygen and oak in wine, Vivelys combines experience in the world’s major vineyards with exclusive know-how gained through its R&D.
We offer specific expertise in the management of key parameters to build your wines and integrate the right levers at every stage.

Adapt my technical itineraries to the desired wines

Out methods and tools help understand the technical and financial risks in order to define the winemaking itinerary that best adapts to your needs and to optimize quality and costs.
We rely on our expertise in production strategies and on our knowledge in managing key factors.

Keep up with the implementation times

Our consultants offer their expertise in optimizing technical itineraries according to the target wines and to general impositions, such as production times. They help you adapt the production times respecting the demanded quality levels.