Wine profile

Monitor the profile of your wine during production

Vivelys draws on its sensory evaluation and oenology expertise to support oenologists in the creation of specific wine profiles. Vivelys can establish technical processes tailored to the target product profile. Based on analytical and sensory checks performed at key stages of the process, corrective actions are recommended to ensure consistency and create a reproducible product.

Positioning a new wine
Vivelys supports producers seeking to tailor organoleptic positioning to their target markets in a way that is reflective of the brand and feasible regarding the company’s vineyard and equipment. Our methodology relies on mapping market trends (sales data and sensory evaluation) by comparing potential wine profiles with leading competitors. Technical support in the vineyard and in the winery can then be provided, to define and implement the production processes required for the specific organoleptic wine profile.

Our solutions


The Sensiel® software simplifies and makes wine tasting easier.  You can taste at any time, in the cellar or in a meeting. You be able to view your wines profiles quickly and share them with a click.


Guidance on how to establish an expert sensory panel comprised of trained and experienced tasters from inside or outside the company. This impartial tool enables users to define the organoleptic positioning of their products, and assess their consistency and reproducibility throughout the production process and across their life cycle.


Vivelys has developed a simple sensory service designed to describe and classify sets.
This will make it easier for you to evaluate your vineyard, categorise your wines to define the type of ageing or final blend, and assess the impact of the selected winemaking products.
A Vivelys consultant will guide you and give you the tools and methodology you need in order to use the tasting data to achieve your goals.


Studies carried out by Vivelys provide detailed and factual information about markets to players in the sector. These overviews provide insight into sales and consumption trends of wine profiles. They provide support in strategy, marketing and production decisions, such as identifying market opportunities and devising new products.