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29 November 2016
Vivelys presents its latest innovations at the Vinitech 2016 trade fair

Vivelys presents its most recent innovations at the Vinitech-Sifel trade fair, which takes place from 29 November to 1 December in Bordeaux (Vivelys-Boisé booth, Hall 1 - Aisle B Booth 3001).

Vivelys attends the international trade fair showcasing equipment and services for the viticulture and winemaking sector. It presents its new products, thereby cementing its position as a leading expert in winemaking consulting and innovation. By offering growers time-tested tools and advice to reveal the potential and complexity of each wine, Vivelys provides tailored solutions, particularly for the atypical 2016 vintage.

01 September 2016
Vivelys: enhancing wine through innovation and know-how

Vivelys works alongside winemakers, offering them the tools they need to tailor their production to both specific conditions in their vineyards and long-term trends. The company’s expertise draws on 20 years of experience and know-how built up over the years through R&D investment. This expertise now encompasses vines, fermentation, ageing, microbiology and sensory evaluation.

07 July 2016
Vivelys chooses G3 Enterprises as the distributor for its Boisé® range of oenological chips in the USA.

Vivelys chooses G3 Enterprises as the distributor for its Boisé® range of oenological chips in the USA. Boisé® produces an innovative range of high-quality oak chips to ensure the creation of consistent and precise wine profiles.



Press reviews

Vivelys Introduces New Boisé® Inspiration Staves at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

This month’s Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento will be the site for the much-anticipated U.S. introduction of Vivelys’ new Boisé® Inspiration line of 100% French oak staves.

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Wine Industry Advisor / Wine Business
23 January 2018
Wine: the barrel making represents the good shape of the sector

... Effective in the base wines, they allow, for a few cents per bottle, to improve quality (colour fixation, reduction of herbaceous flavours...).  An activity grouped under the name of Vivelys belongs to Oeneo and managed by Nicolas Mahler-Besse, who manages 400 people all over the world.

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Sud Ouest
22 January 2018
Demonstrate the benefits of digital from the vineyard to the cellar

After a first year of service, the Mas Numérique, a project led by Montpellier SupAgro and fourteen companies specialized in digital agriculture, opened its doors. From the vineyard to the cellar, commercialized technologies are put in synergy on a 35 ha estate.

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Mon Viti
08 January 2018
Official launch of the digital Mas.

Carried by Montpellier SupAgro and supported in a patronage framework by the companies Smag, Vivelys, Pera-Pellenc (Pellenc Group) and UK, as well as ten other partners specializing in digital agriculture, the digital Mas is an exemplary connected vineyard, using the most successful technologies on the market for their production.

30 August 2017
Berry sugar loading: an indicator of grape quality.

The sugar loading of grape berries (changes in the amount of sugar per berry) has been widely described by Prof. Deloire in the last decade. It is a physiological marker that integrates how the vine functions in its environment. Interpreting sugar loading curves provides winegrowers and winemakers with real-time monitoring of grape aging, at the plot, vineyard and regional levels.

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The Viticulture Blog, Fruition Sciences
07 August 2017
Sugar loading in the grape's berries: an integrative indicator of the harvest quality. The behavior of Merlot in the last 11 vintages of Bordeaux.

Author: Nicolas BERNARD

This analysis reveals the advantage of measuring the sugar loading of grape berries during the aging process. Its integrative nature, relatively easy measurement process, and its anticipatory nature make it a good indicator of understanding the vintage, and a decision-making tool for harvest dates.

Revue de Œnologues et des Techniques Viticoles et Œnologiques
15 July 2017


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