Identifying how vintages affect volumes and profitability

A player on the bulk market found that vintage conditions strongly impacted its volumes, weakening profitability despite a well valued market.

We recommended implementing a detailed diagnosis in the vineyard and in the cellar to accurately identify the causes of this lack of volume.

Key points
Production team involvement
The diagnoses were devised collaboratively, to stay as close as possible to the real conditions on the ground, and to benefit from the teams’ and producers’ experience and knowledge.
Consolidations and detailed analyses
The data was analysed over several vintages to identify reliable trends. The figures were then linked to clearly identified causes.
Shortfall of 12% in average sales
(5% to 20% depending on vintages)
1/2 came from farming issues
(diseases, nutritional problems)
1/4 came from structural issues
(ageing vineyards)
1/4 came from cellar-related yield losses

Our solutions


Physiological monitoring of grape ripening and predictive determination of the grape profile.

Dyostem® enables growers to sort the grapes into different homogenous categories according to their potential, ripeness and ability to produce a specific wine profile. It offers an exclusive way to measure grape potential in each parcel, given the vintage conditions. It can also be used to define the optimum harvest date depending on the targeted wine profile.

Based on the grape-profile concept, Dyostem® relies on physiological markers of vine behaviour : sugar loading and changes in the colour of the fruit.

Sugar loading is an indicator of how the plant is faring during ripening. It is directly related to its photosynthetic activity, the balance and the physiological condition of the vine. In contrast, the changing colour of the fruit is used for white grape varieties. This is a marker of the microclimate of the fruit, which has a major impact on the aromatic typicality of the final wine.

This specific monitoring of the fruit ripening process provides information on how the vine behaves in its terroir and in response to vintage conditions. It is used to inform decisions on harvest.

Technical audits & services

We conduct custom technical audits and specific services in the cellar to meet your operational needs.
We also offer tailored R&D services carried out by our teams in our experimental cellar.

Production strategy

We assist growers in determining their production strategy and implementing it in a sustainable manner . Our methods and tools allow growers to gain a better understanding of technical and economic challenges , and to define the most appropriate production strategies.

The expertise and tools offered by Vivelys help address the issues faced by producers in terms of quality, volume and cost. The formalisation of the knowledge acquired and its integration into vineyard and cellar management tools guarantee that performance can be maintained for future vintages.

Gaining perspective to define long-term strategy
This detailed diagnosis provides insight for the board of directors and management team to define an improvement plan and long-term strategy. By identifying losses and what causes them, optimum profitability can be maintained through secure volumes and consistent quality.