Guaranteeing wine quality

Consolidating the process to optimise quality

On the Sauvignon Blanc market, the thiol varietal profile is highly sought-after, or even a requirement. However, it is sometimes difficult to maintain this profile, which depends as much on vineyard conditions as it does on winemaking.
Faced with this very issue, a winery contacted Vivelys with a view to maintaining its position on the increasingly competitive bulk market.

Key points
The first stage of this project was to provide sensory training for the cellar staff responsible for describing and evaluating the sensory profiles of wines. Specific discussions and a common vocabulary allowed for a detailed and shared description of objectives.
In the vineyard and cellar, mastering key steps depends on well-defined decision-making rules, written in partnership with the technical teams and based on key indicators.
At the end of the project, this know-how is perfectly integrated into the daily operations of the winery, and decisions are made on their own.
After the first year, increase of 30% in tanks conforming
to the required profile, increase of 60% after two years.
of a controlled “thiol” production line
Transmission and integration
of the specific know-how within the winery

Our solutions

Technical consulting

We specialise in all areas of wine technology expertise , and particularly how each parameter affects the resulting wine: vineyard management and operations, vinification and ageing, microbiological monitoring and inspection and sensory evaluation to guarantee product compliance and provide step-by-step monitoring.


The Sensiel® software simplifies and makes wine tasting easier.  You can taste at any time, in the cellar or in a meeting. You be able to view your wines profiles quickly and share them with a click.


The SCALYA process management solution optimises fermentation and ageing. It offers winemakers the advantage of perfect reproducibility in terms of process and guarantees that production runs smoothly (complete alcoholic fermentation, input of oxygen at the right time, etc.).
Thanks to real-time data collection using sensors selected for their relevance and robustness, the SCALYA software program enables users to intelligently manage each step the winemaking process.

The apparatus inside the tank (the thermoregulation equipment, pumping-over pumps and micro-oxygenation device) receives operating instructions from SCALYA. These programmes are devised by Vivelys experts or created and selected by the winemaker.
SCALYA also enables users to supervise the process, in terms of both production programme and equipment control (error notifications).


Physiological monitoring of grape ripening and predictive determination of the grape profile.

Dyostem® enables growers to sort the grapes into different homogenous categories according to their potential, ripeness and ability to produce a specific wine profile. It offers an exclusive way to measure grape potential in each parcel, given the vintage conditions. It can also be used to define the optimum harvest date depending on the targeted wine profile.

Based on the grape-profile concept, Dyostem® relies on physiological markers of vine behaviour : sugar loading and changes in the colour of the fruit.

Sugar loading is an indicator of how the plant is faring during ripening. It is directly related to its photosynthetic activity, the balance and the physiological condition of the vine. In contrast, the changing colour of the fruit is used for white grape varieties. This is a marker of the microclimate of the fruit, which has a major impact on the aromatic typicality of the final wine.

This specific monitoring of the fruit ripening process provides information on how the vine behaves in its terroir and in response to vintage conditions. It is used to inform decisions on harvest.

Production strategy

We assist growers in determining their production strategy and implementing it in a sustainable manner . Our methods and tools allow growers to gain a better understanding of technical and economic challenges , and to define the most appropriate production strategies.

The expertise and tools offered by Vivelys help address the issues faced by producers in terms of quality, volume and cost. The formalisation of the knowledge acquired and its integration into vineyard and cellar management tools guarantee that performance can be maintained for future vintages.

Increase value by mastering the processes
The controlled creation of Sauvignon Blanc thiol allowed the winery to increase its sales volume and boost its sales revenue by up to 80% on the same batch. For competitive markets and those with exacting standards, this performance is achieved by integrating suitable skills and tools from the vineyard to the cellar.