Enhance your premium wines with vineyard yeasts

After several unsuccessful attempts to select wild yeasts from its vineyard, Opus One called upon Vivelys for its microbiology expertise. Opus One wanted to produce its wines using yeasts from its own vineyards. It hoped to showcase its expertise and terroir by taking full control of its fermentation process.

Key points
The selection and production protocol made it possible to showcase the very best of the terroir while also guaranteeing successful fermentation. All the yeasts were plotted (selection location, results and performance) and only powerful and distinctive yeasts were selected. The sharing of know-how enabled the cellar to be completely autonomous.
500 samples taken,
48 traced and tested strains.
3 selected strains
Conservation and operational production
from the third year
Excellent fermentation performance
Complete integration of the project
into production

Our solutions

Production strategy

We assist growers in determining their production strategy and implementing it in a sustainable manner . Our methods and tools allow growers to gain a better understanding of technical and economic challenges , and to define the most appropriate production strategies.

The expertise and tools offered by Vivelys help address the issues faced by producers in terms of quality, volume and cost. The formalisation of the knowledge acquired and its integration into vineyard and cellar management tools guarantee that performance can be maintained for future vintages.

Indigenous yeasts


Vivelys has developed several solutions to enable winemakers to create wines reflecting the intrinsic characteristics of their terroir using indigenous yeasts. The construction of a wine’s aromatic profile depends on the precise choice of vinification yeast strain and how it is controlled (temperature/nutrition/turbidity/oxygen).

Vivelys selects indigenous yeast starters from the vineyard to create a bank of private yeasts.

This work provides access to significant biodiversity and various strains that are not on the market. The selected yeasts become the property of the winery and are isolated, conserved and produced by the client using the Active Yeast process. The acquisition of this know-how represents a significant benefit for the winery, both in terms of marketing and quality.

Vivelys takes care of selecting the yeasts in the vineyard, creating the yeast bank, and training staff on the conservation and production of  yeast starters. We also organise the workshop within the winery to ensure complete autonomy.

If you value variability in yeasts and its control , we can offer a complete solution known as Vintage Yeasts:

Search for pools of Saccharomyces yeasts, which are characteristic of their terroir and vintage.

The process is carried out on an annual basis.


If you wish to combine terroir, native species and process management , we have developed a Complete Selection service, which includes the creation of a yeast bank to conserve pure strains.

Active Yeast

The preparation of yeast starters is a key part of successful fermentation, to ensure:

  • Optimisation of the latency phase,
  • Successful implantation of the strain,
  • Good activity of yeasts or bacteria for vinification.    


The Active Yeast process (SLA) reliably produces these three conditions while also cutting production costs significantly.

The SLA workshop guarantees::

  • Optimal activity with an inoculation rate of between 0.5% and 1.5%,
  • Production time tailored to the structure in question (12 hours for yeasts and 4-5 days for bacteria) with low energy consumption,
  • The protocol allows the production of selected or native yeast starters.


Vivelys manages the scaling of the project, *employee training*, and the organisation of the workshop within the cellar itself, to ensure wineries have complete autonomy. There are four sizes of fermenting vessels available: 5, 10, 20 and 50 hectolitres.

Opus One creates wines entirely independently using characteristic yeasts from its terroir, thereby perfecting the signature style of its unique brand.