Creation of an expert sensory panel to define wine profiles and ensure consistency

To ensure product consistency and reproducibility, Kendall-Jackson Vineyards and Winery set out to define its wine profiles and implement sensory control procedures. For this project, the Group called upon Vivelys to support and train the internal group of tasters responsible for defining and evaluating the company’s wines.

Key points
Implementation of a sensory evaluation methodology,
sensory protocols and tests, panel performance and training
Specific sensory description (wine matrices©),
linked to existing technical routes
Use of suitable tools :
references, Sensiel® statistical processing software
Training provided to a group of 20 people
and the panel manager
Panel now in operation
with two tastings per month
Sensory evaluation of R&D
trials and benchmarking on varietal wines

Our solutions


The Sensiel® software simplifies and makes wine tasting easier.  You can taste at any time, in the cellar or in a meeting. You be able to view your wines profiles quickly and share them with a click.

Sensory evaluation consulting

Vivelys draws on its sensory evaluation and oenology expertise to support oenologists in the creation of specific wine profiles.
For example, this know-how enables Vivelys to identify the effect of new winemaking processes or new suppliers, and also assess the consistency and reproducibility of a wine or a brand based on the markets.

The expertise acquired by the panel means that wine profiles can be shared, understood, and used throughout the company to set goals and define the steps and tests that need to be carried out in order to achieve them.