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Because we are pioneers
As a pioneer in precision oenology, Boisé® offers oenological oak ranges that are renowned for their quality. Over the past 20 years, its ability to innovate and expertise in the interaction between oak and wine has enabled the Boisé® brand to become a world leader in technical oenological oak.
Because we adhere to a quality charter
Boisé has been designing and creating oenological wood products since 1996 on a single site in southwest France. Boisé oversees the entire process, from design to manufacturing: oak selection and maturation (10,000 m3 of oak in stock), toasting, R&D and quality control.
Because we are innovative
All our products are the result of our R&D work, making our range the most innovative in the sector. Unrivalled industry products such as Boisé BF, DC310 or more recently SC100, illustrate our ability to select and produce the most precise, innovative and consistent oak on the market.
Because we are producers
Renowned for their quality, Boisé products are designed from a selection of fine French oak after systematic sensory and analytical evaluations. All our products have a shelf life of three years. Each batch is monitored throughout the transformation process, to guarantee that our products have consistent characteristics and no flaws.
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