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Boisé Inspiration #07.1, to boost the ripeness and roundness of your wines!

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What sensory effects does it bring?

Boisé Inspiration stave #07.1 brings an additional sensation of ripeness to the wine due to its notes of vanilla, combined with some sweetness and length on the palate.

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Which wine style is it for?

Boisé Inspiration #07.1 perfectly matches fresh wines in which it boosts the fruity characters and amplifies the roundness on the palate.

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Which is the best moment to use it?

Using #07.1 after MLF will reveal the wine’s aromatic potential. Using it during the AF will bring more roundness on the palate.

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How many staves should be used?

Depending on the desired result, it is recommended to use 2 or 3 staves per hectoliter.

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